Windproof Reverse Folding Umbrella

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If a good storm has ever caught you and your umbrella has turned upside down or has broken, you will understand the great frustration that feels wet. with cold and praying because your phone has not got wet...

This umbrella is the first reverse folding, it closes upside down than traditional umbrellas, which prevents it from turning with the wind and also avoids putting everything lost and slippery, since the wet part is the one that stays in the inside the umbrella when folded, instead of outside as in traditional umbrellas. Getting into the car with it also becomes a much easier task thanks to the fact that it folds up instead of down.

Finally and to make this umbrella the "super umbrella" has a C-shaped handle, which will allow you to hang both things and simply lean on your forearm to have your free hand and be able to do other things (read a magazine, manage your smartphone or whatever you want)

Open Diameter: 120 cm
Folded size: 86 x 11 cm

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