Shot Roulette

Shot Roulette

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The perfect game for Parties, Birthdays, New Year, Weddings, bachelor parties! Take your turn and turn the Shot Roulette!

The package includes the Shot Roulette and a shot glass

CLASSIC GAME BUT WITH A NEW SPIN: Do you remember the bottle game? Well, Shot Roulette is the same except that it is played by shots and there are no kisses in between ... unless you want to;)

EASY TO PLAY: Just pour yourself a shot in the glass and turn the arrow, whoever points the arrow should drink! Or create your own additional rules!

PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION: Take it to any party, bottle, tranquileo with colleagues, barbecues, game day and you will be the king of the party.

GREAT GIFT: A fun gift with which you sure succeed! Great for birthdays (especially 18)

HOW MANY BETTER: We recommend use for 2-6 players, but we will not judge you if you are more or even if you want to play alone : ​P

SHOT GLASS INCLUDED: 60ml glass included

And remember to drink responsibly!

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