Magnetic Fast Charging Cable for Smartphones

Magnetic Fast Charging Cable for Smartphones

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Charging has never been as easy as with this magnetic cable. Thanks to its 2.4A allows your mobile to charge super fast and can also be used as the original cable to transfer data with your Mac or PC.

Insert the plug into your mobile, simply bring the mobile closer to the cable and it will be automatically connected, it is reversible, so you won't have to worry about aligning the cable, just approach it and it will connect itself.

The 24K gold-plated connectors reduce the resistance in the load and prevent oxidation, so you will have a cable that can withstand years without problem.

Compatible with all android devices with microUSB and Type-C connectors and iOS devices with lighting type connector

IMPORTANT!! In addition to the cable color, select the type of connector you want, if you are not sure which one is yours look at this image and compare it with your usual cable


Type: Micro-usb / type C / Lightning
Qualities: Reversible and magnetic, allows both load and data synchronization
Compatible with: All devices with connections of the type mentioned above
Length: 1m

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