Magic Anti-Sand Mat

Magic Anti-Sand Mat

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We all love the beach, but there is nothing worse than realizing when we leave that we have sand everywhere: the towel, the body, the beach bag ...
The Magic Anti-Sand Mat is designed to prevent sand from sticking to your skin, clothing and other belongings. Its structure of 2 layers of bonded PVC works by letting the upper sand pass through it, while the lower layer prevents the sand from the beach from entering the surface. Thus, any sand that falls on the mat disappears as it passes to the other side, creating a sand-free environment in which to relax and enjoy. If you have larger accumulations of sand, simply rub them against the mat and see how it disappears.

Esterilla Mágica

In addition to the beach you can use it for picnics in the park or anywhere with sand / fine earth. Keep the food free of sand. Perfect for people with children or babies, they can play over without losing sand. Easy to fold, compact and lightweight for easy transport.

Available in several sizes, the upper 2 can accommodate several people.

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